The Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific. (AUAP) have as their primary purpose, the creation of a platform for interaction and collaboration between members and to be an effective voice for universities in Asia and the Pacific region. Established in 1995, it has adopted a unified vision for the organisation – to shape and influence the outlook of higher education both regionally and globally. AUAP holds the highest formal consultative status with UNESCO

The Association of Universities of the Asia and the Pacific (AUAP) in association with Jagran Lakecity University, India has created a Framework for Benchmarking Quality in Higher Education Institutions – the Quality Assurance Standard. Jagran Lakecity University (JLU) Bhopal has been made the Autonomous Administrative Headquarters for operating and implementing the AUAP Quality Assurance Standard. Any University/Institution can approach the Steering Committee for certification of their University/Institution’s Quality Assurance with a formal application for being assessed and certified. The certification shall be known as QUALITY ASSURANCE STANDARDS OF AUAP


The objective of the assessment include:

  • To measure the quality standards of universities/institutions that have a global vision, and yet capture the unique characteristics of the Asia- Pacific regions.
  • AUAP Certification shall give universities/institutions a Bench-mark of Quality Assurance, much needed for students, staff members, government and other stakeholders worldwide.
  • To afford an opportunity for universities to reflect on their philosophy, practices and outputs and work on a strategy for quality enhancement.
  • To ensure flexibility in demonstrating quality benchmarks without compromising on key learning values.
  • To encourage educational institutions to collaborate and share best practices.


The assessment of a University is done on the basis of 5 Criteria: Headway (H), Academics (A), Process (P), People (P) and Impact (I)

Headway (H): As the first Criteria, it provides the university/institution an opportunity to project and showcase the power and vigour of its foundational values. It accounts for 10% of the assessment

Academics (A): Academic engagement as a Criteria offers the space for the university/institution to present the learning ambience of the institution. It accounts for

25% of the assessment

Process (P): The criteria enable the organization to showcase the procedures, policies and guidelines adopted for efficient and effective management. It accounts for 20% of the assessment

People (P): Through the criteria of People, the university /institution can present their supportive programmes, policies and procedures available for human resource management. It accounts for 25% of the assessment

Impact (I): This criteria provides the opportunity to universities/ institutions to display their contributions to the advancement of knowledge, shaping of the next generation and contribution to the larger society. It accounts for 20% of the assessment

Application Process

The fee for certification is USD 7500 for AUAP members and USD 8500 for Non-AUAP members.

Universities wishing to apply for certification may mail their request to Any queries with regard to the Quality Assurance Standards can be sent to

apply to

AUAP Quality Assurance Standards (QAS)
Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific (AUAP)
Suranaree University of Technology
Academic Building 2, 111 University Avenue
Suranaree District. Muang, Nakhon Ratchasima 30000, Thailand

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